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Too expensive to travel?
Too scary to travel?

Consider hosting YOUR OWN online A'nesis Retreat and Counseling Sabbatical! Even though you won't be traveling to Phoenix, you can still experience the A'nesis Program with Dr. Trudy online 3 hours a day for 5 days. Choosing this option means you still mark out your calendar for five days and plan to spend your free time in rest, reflection, reading and processing through your online work with Trudy and also doing your homework assignments. You might even think about booking a room in a local motel as a venue for your sabbatical get-away!

Dr. Trudy M. Johnson, LMFT, CCTS-1 has been working in the field of Brief Intensive Therapy since 2005. She has created and developed a unique five-day (15 hours) program that helps client get unstuck from the impact of past trauma, process through grief and deal with depression, anxiety and anger by getting to the root cause of the symptoms.
These 5 day intensives are located near picturesque Phoenix, Arizona. 

Unfortunately many individuals find it very hard to travel to Phoenix to participate in the intensive program. More and more she is seeing the importance of offering the intensives as an Online Tele-Health Counseling format.  The online version is for individual work only and is not available for the couples bootcamp.

While these intensives will not be able to be exactly the same as getting away from it all to concentrate on issues, they will at least help clients experience some “movement” towards a positive well-being.

If you are interested in an Online Intensive please understand that you still need to block out three hours a day for five days to spend in the intensive. You would also need to work from a quiet, interrupted space. Additionally, you should expect to spend time on homework after the session. Contact Us for more information.

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