The Emotionally Divorced Couple

By the time most couples get to marriage counseling they are already emotionally divorced.  This means the only thing keeping them together is the kids, the house, money or other outside factors, not the enduring and lasting love they were looking for when they first got married.  If you answered yes on more than four of these questions, you should consider outside help for your marriage.


Little or no eye contact

Lack of sharing on a personal level- surface conversation only

Lack of checking in with each other on a daily basis

Conversations begin harshly

Conversations begin with criticism

Lack of humor in daily interactions

Lack of interest in each others interests

Living separate lives in the same house  (sleeping, eating)

Lack of awareness of each others dreams, hopes or personal goals

Apathy about the other persons emotional state

Daydreaming about separate lives

Making decisions about major purchases on your own

No fun in downtimes; Fun times are separate from each other

Have a hard time thinking positively about spouse.

Very few positive recent memories with spouse.

Shutdown at the sound of spouse’s voice.

Past memories of spouse seem more like manipulation now.

Body has a visible reaction when in spouse’s space.

Struggle feeling safe having sex with spouse.

I can’t imagine forgiving my spouse. want my spouse to pay for what they’ve done.

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