Explanation of the Trauma Resolution Process

Dr Trudy explains the Emet Trauma resolution process that uses unique techniques to identify false refuges blocking a person's ability to connect with God and others in relationships.  The false refuge many times is created in a moment of trauma, possibly in childhood or teen years.  This false refuge gets called upon when couples become unsafe in marriage during times of vulnerability.  Couples begin self-protecting and this begins to prohibit connection and communication.

Dr. Trudy explains "Emet" Trauma Resolution- watch this video to understand the trauma resolution technique used by Dr. Trudy in the in-person or online individual intensives.  Video is less than 4 minutes.  In this trauma resolution process, you will always have a voice, there will be no surprises and Dr. Trudy explains the process with each step.  You are always able to ask questions and understand the why's of each step of trauma resolution.  This false refuge of self-protection could be the reason your marriage has become such a challenge.



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