Providing unique help for individuals and couples recovering from trauma-bonding relationships.

Treatment specialization includes:

  • Individual Trauma Resolution for past emotional, mental, physical, sexual or spiritual abuse
  • Couple bootcamps (5 days) for trauma resolution that involves each party doing their own personal work first  in a 12 week   individual intensive before marriage resolution (last day-6 hours)
  • Relationship Recovery- Trauma Bonds, Narcissistic and Borderline personalities
  • Grief Counseling and completing the grief process
  • Emotion Regulation - understanding how to regulate emotions in a healthy way
  • Spiritual reconnection, moving from flesh to spirit-filled behaviors
  • Gift and Calling

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral challenges caused by past traumatic relationships.  In my varied and unique skills training for PTSD I began to realize how much relationship trauma exists in our culture. Many married couples are triggering off each other’s childhood trauma or the many failed attempts at connection they’ve experienced in their marriage, thus experiencing PTSD reactions with each other. 

 I use EFT and Christian EMET Prayer techniques that get to the root of the trauma to bring permanent transformation.

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