Providing unique help for individuals and couples recovering from relationship PTSD.

Treatment specialization includes:

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral challenges caused by past traumatic relationships.  In my varied and unique skills training for PTSD I began to realize how much relationship trauma exists in our culture. 

85% of problems in marriage were brought into the marriage from the family of origin of spouses.  This wounding greatly inhibits couple communication, causing reactive triggering and destructive patterns.

Many married couples are triggering off each other’s childhood trauma or the many failed attempts at connection they’ve experienced in their marriage, thus experiencing PTSD reactions with each other, I use EFT and Christian "EMET** Prayer techniques" that get to the root of the trauma (possibly from childhood) that helps release couples from the bondage of their PTSD marriage that has them trapped in trauma reactiveness.  * * EMET is the Hebrew word meaning Truth.

Dr. Trudy explains the "EMET" trauma resolution process.

* Trudy Johnson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the States of Colorado (#755), Tennessee (#1182) and Arizona (#15646)

Meaning of the word A'nesis is here.

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