Identity Recovery

If you are experiencing the after-effects of enduring a trauma-bond relationship, the repair process can take years.  Sometimes going to traditional therapy---while helpful---doesn't always get the root of the impact of a destructive relationship.  It is very difficult getting "war-like" PTSD symptoms resolved. You need an expert and experienced helper like Dr. Trudy Johnson who several years in a destructive relationship. 

In the recovery process, Dr. Trudy knew it was her God-given assignment to help others emerge victorious from the journey of healing from confusing, destructive trauma bond relationships. Let her help you lead you with her cutting-edge trauma resolution tools.  All of Dr. Trudy's tools are based on biblical Truths and involve deep healing prayer methods along with cutting-edge mind-body protocols.

The trauma emotions you've experienced from a relationship like this need released from your mind, body, soul and spirit!

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