• A two hour consult with Dr. Trudy could help you know next steps for marriage solutions.
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    * Colorado (#755), Tennessee (#1182), and Arizona (#15646).
  • Trauma Resolution for Individuals recovering from Trauma Bond relationships.
    Get complete identity recovery! This means healing for your body, mind, soul, emotions and spirit.

Marriage Counseling

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Dr. Trudy offers a few on-line solutions to help your marriage: 

2 hour online marriage consults 

  27 hour online marriage bootcamps 

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You might not realize that 85% of problems in marriage were brought into the marriage from the family of origin or previous traumatic experiences.  

Most couples do NOT go for help until six years PAST the date they needed to begin getting guidance.  By the time they go for therapy, many are believing they are beyond hope.

A'nesis Doctrinal Beliefs are here.

* Licensed in three states: Colorado (#755) Tennesee (#1182) and Arizona (#15646)   Disclaimer:  If your State does not have reciprocity with any of Dr. Trudy's Licensures, she will serve you online in the capacity of a marriage coach.

Online help for your marriage

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